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Property Tax Lowered, DASH Buses Made Free In Alexandria

Alexandria’s property tax rate will go down for the first time in 15 years, and the Virginia city eliminated fares on the DASH bus system when the Alexandria City Council approved its budget for the next fiscal year. The budget of $770.7 million is 2.3% smaller than the current year’s spending plan. While property taxes will decline two cents to $1.11 per $100 of assessed value, rising assessments in Alexandria will mean homeowners pay more in real estate taxes. According to, "The Northern Virginia city will overhaul its 37-year-old bus system to focus on increased access. Fares on the DASH buses will be free starting Sept. 5. Buses, which have seen low ridership since the pandemic, will run more frequently in the midday, evenings, and weekends under a planned overhaul of the system that will change some routes. The DASH bus system changes will increase the percentages of the low-income and minority residents who are within walking distance to bus stations. For low-income residents, all-day bus access will increase from 29% to 73% and from 22% to 70% for minority residents. Access also will increase for senior citizens." As per, "The city will reallocate $3.2 million in funds to speed up the renovation of the Joseph Hensley Park off Eisenhower Avenue, starting in 2022, and will increase funding for affordable housing by $1 million. The budget fully funds the school system’s $292.3 million budget. The city said the adopted budget includes $293 million of planned capital investments in schools, transportation, sewers, stormwater management, public buildings and facilities, and information technology."

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