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The owners of King’s Jewelry Share The Secret Of Working Together

It takes a brave soul to go into business with your other half. Long hours, sweaty kitchens, or the never-ending crunching of numbers are not known for being aphrodisiacs. As Valentine’s Day approaches, the owners of King’s Jewelry share their secrets to maintaining both a successful business and happy relationship.
King’s Jewelry owners Cathy and Norman “Brad” Bradford have been married for 34 years
As per Alexandria Gazette Packet, "Cathy Bradford: “We’ve been working together for 35 years and married for almost 34 of those years. Most of the time it is ok. Brad doesn’t usually bring things home and we each have our definite skills for the store. There’s no question there can be only one boss, and that is Brad. He is the one that has the main vision. The rest of us, me especially, implement what he perceives. We’ve been out almost a whole year physically due to Covid, but the kids are here and we are still here mentally and very much involved.”

Brad: “Cathy’s really good at everything. I can’t even turn a computer on and will go to my grave that way. But I know this business. I started here in 1962 and never left. King’s Jewelry has always been a family business. My daughter Terry has been here since 1983 and our two sons are here as well. We all work nicely together."

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