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Learn How Alexandria Tutoring Consortium Copes With Lockdown

Alexandria Tutoring Consortium is focused on the well-being and education of children. The tutors of this organization work one-on-one with children and teach them to read. Tutors have had to shift to virtual tutoring during this time. The students read from hard copy books sent to them by ATC while they follow along in digital copies of the same book. According to, "ATC is using the resources it has, but the students are getting a lesser experience than they would in person, ATC Executive Director Lisa Jacobs said. Tutors and students are trying to video chat but often just communicate over the phone." Jacobs said in an email said, "Normally, students engage in several activities including sorting words, writing on a whiteboard or in a notebook, spelling with cutout letters, etc. Some of this might be possible if student-tutor pairs are able to connect via videoconference, but overall the tutoring session has been greatly streamlined to focus solely on reading books that are at the student’s instructional level." As per, "Right now, it is difficult to determine if the students are falling behind due to these limitations or if they are making progress as normal, Jacobs explained. End-of-the-year testing will likely indicate the effectiveness of these virtual tutoring sessions."

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