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Alexandria Schools Introduce Meditation Techniques In Classrooms

An Alexandria, Virginia, school is experimenting with new techniques designed to help students succeed as the middle school can be a stressful environment. Some teachers are starting class with meditation at George Washington Middle School. The lights are dimmed, soothing music is turned on and teachers guide the kids to breathe, settle in and focus on something positive. Sometimes, students repeat the phrase, “There is greatness within yourself.” According to, "Teacher Elkin Rodriguez said it’s important for students to listen to their inner voices. She proposes to her students that perhaps their inner voice sometimes says: “We can be great friends, great students today.” Students and teachers said having a few minutes of reflection has paid off in regard to focus, behavior and even self-esteem." As per, "Many parents at the school are supportive of the meditation sessions, even asking how they can replicate the environment at home. In addition to meditation, cellphones aren’t allowed at the school. Principal Jesse Mazur said that policy ensures every second of the day counts. Only a few parents have objected to the ban, complaining they can’t easily contact their children during school hours."

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